Omnilux™ LED
Light Therapy

Omnilux™ Anti-Ageing Treatment

This LED light therapy treatment reduces fine lines and wrinkles over a period of time by stimulating your skins natural production of collagen. Skin is bathed in warming light that plumps the deepest skin cell layers for hydration and radiance.

Includes a double cleanse, Omnilux, moisturiser and SPF.

Unique to the Jocelyn Petroni salon, our Omnilux treatments include a beautiful ‘heart chakra massage’. Developed by Petroni in 2010, this technique opens the heart chakra area, while releasing tension from the body as therapists massage the front and back of the body in simultaneous harmony. Therapists train one-on-one with Jocelyn and a Reiki master to learn this beautiful massage technique, given with genuine love and compassion.

30 minutes $110, w. Beauty Artisan.

To achieve optimal results we recommend a course of 9 consecutive Omnilux treatments. Your 9th Omnilux treatment is complimentary, when paid in full upfront.


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