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Jocelyn Petroni is a multi-disciplined beauty, nail and skin therapist based in Sydney, Australia

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DOWNTIME Forty-five minutes, and the polish lasts for a week.Results My nails are shining beacons! They are perfectly polished and my hands are supple and soft

Words by Stephanie Darling

Marie Claire | The Insiders

Supplements are also essential for optimal skin and nail health, which includes giving your body a good hydration soak and high oil content. I love Vida Glow Original Marine Collagen, which is easily added to a daily glass of water. I have mine as part of my morning ritual while breastfeeding my baby, Georgia.

Words by Sally Hunwick

Sydney Morning Herald | Are cleansing oils the secret to great winter skin?

“As the temperature drops the skin’s response is to produce less oil and less water,” says facialist Jocelyn Petroni. “We don’t have the warmth and humidity in the air which help to keep the sebaceous oil glands soft and natural oils flowing. So, if you have oily skin, it will be less oily but if your skin is dry, it will be much more dry.”

Words by Bettina Tyrrell


So could this small switch make all the difference? A sign that you might need a more nourishing formula: your skin feels tight after washing. “What that means is that the dirt and pollutants are gone – but so are the essential oils that help keep your barrier healthy,” explains Petroni

Words by Brooke Le Poer Trench

INPRINT | Hands on

Chanel Le Vernis in ‘Ballerina’ is my favourite everyday, every-event nail polish – it’s classic, sexy and sophisticated. I can wear it from business meetings to black tie events. The soft pink compliments all skin tones and enhances the natural colour of a healthy nail plate.

Words by Megha Kapoor

Sunday Life | Road Test This week I try… a home manicure

Just as I was despairing at the state of my nails, I received a perfect tool kit from nail guru Jocelyn Petroni. Her Naked Manicure Kit (, $145) contains a nail file, nail buffer, CND Rescu RXx keratin nail treatment to help repair nail damage and strengthen the plate, Mavala’s Nailactan cream for brittle nails and Repairing Night Cream.

Words by Stephanie Darling

South China Morning Post | Beauty salons shut? How to give yourself an at-home facial – the rule of three, dos and don’ts, and seven common mistakes to avoid

“Start by massaging the décolletage near your heart area, as this is where lymph drains into the bloodstream. Then massage your neck in a gentle downwards motion,” she says. “Lastly massage the face working from the centre line of the face to the outer edges of the face near the ears. By massaging using this guide you are increasing lymphatic drainage, to treat puffiness, dark circles, congestion and boost overall skin health and cellular regeneration.”

Words by Annie Brown

Body + Soul | Celeb manicurist Jocelyn Petroni’s at-home kit will save your #iso nails

Chanel’s official manicurist for Australia, and founder of eponymous Sydney salon, Jocelyn Petroni has put together a little something to keep your hands looking their best. Enter, the ‘At Home Naked Manicure Kit’, a take-home kit which allows clients to re-create Petroni’s cult-favourite ‘The Naked Manicure’ treatment (we tried it, and yes it’s worth the hype), without leaving the house.

Words by Allison Izzo

ELLE | Earth Mother

Talent Teresa Palmer
Wearing Gucci
Photography by Max Doyle
Styled by Megha Kapoor
Hair by Koh Hair
Makeup by Victoria Baron
Manicure by Jocelyn Petroni

JONES | The Smart guide to summer beauty

“In summer, your skin is metabolising faster and it needs lots of water to function at it’s best. This means it’s easier for it to become dehydrated,” says skin expert Jocelyn Petroni. Her advice is to use more oils (they’ll help skin retain moisture), add hyaluronic acid and vitamin C to your regimen and, of course, drink more water. If a quick fix is what you’re after, keep a mist in your handbag. “a mist can work wonders for a light hydration throughout the day so skin appears more dewy, as well as to resent make-up,” says Petroni.

Words by Amy Star

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