Jocelyn Petroni

Jocelyn Petroni is a multi-disciplined beauty, nail and skin therapist based in Sydney, Australia

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Body + Soul |Australia’s celebrity facialist on the one ingredient that will stop ageing in it’s tracks

Jocelyn Petroni is the woman that Australia’s most recognisable, and beautiful, people entrust with their faces. And their faces are their business. Miranda Kerr, Michelle Bridges, Rachael Finch, Victoria Lee, Megan Gale and Jessica Gomes all happily sing her praises, but it’s Petroni’s training not only as a facialist but in lymphatic drainage, shiatsu massage, reiki that has earnt her industry accolades too.

Words by Alison Izzo

instyle | My secret weapons

Jocelyn Petroni’s skin signature is a dewy, luminous complexion. But what sets this expert’s practice apart is her serene demeanour that touches every detail of her airy, light filled Sydney salon. “I want women to feel beautiful and enveloped in love when they walk out,” she says.

Words by Bettina Tyrrell
Photographed by Philip Le Masurier
Styled by Lexi Henderson

Pedestrian TV | How to fix those annoying Little Red Scars Caused By Pimples & Acne

At Jocelyn Petroni, we perform a treatment called a ‘Skin Regenerating Mandelic Peel’ ($230 for 45minutes) and recommend it fortnightly for a course of 6 treatments, to treat acne and congestion. It’s a specialised peel designed to immediately eliminate dead skin cells and unblock pores, drawing upon the benefits of Mandelic Acid to absorb excess oil combined with anti-inflammatory properties.

Words by Melissa Mason

9Honey | The one thing every woman over 30 needs on their beauty shelf

As we get older our skin’s natural cell turn over starts to lag and the result is often a thicker layer of dead skin cells, which creates a dull, uneven complexion. It’s at this point where vitamin A works wonders in encouraging your skin to turnover more effectively, like it used to when you were in your 20s.

I recommend applying a prescription strength Vitamin A in the form of a serum or cream every evening,” adds Petroni. But she warns that it should be used with caution, like any new skincare product you introduce into your routine.

Words by Carina Rossi