Facial massage, skin detoxification and reiki healing: this is where to treat your face this weekend.

Jocelyn Petroni

Skin, body, heart

In Jocelyn Petroni’s sun-drenched  salon you’ll be treated for your skin, body and heart. Eastern medicines have fused with Western techniques in recent years, so treatments do not solely focus on say skin, but holistically incorporate skincare, massage and healing into one focused treatment.

Our skin responds to psychological stressors as readily as our minds and bodies. Breakouts, puffiness, eczema are all signs of stress in the body. An independent neuroendocrine organ, the skin responds to and produces chemical reactions to our environments, releasing cortisol and beta-endorphines. For these reasons Petroni saw the importance of creating a calm environment for both the client and the therapist. Relaxed minds and bodies create calm skin and in turn the skin responds more readily to treatments and skincare.

You’ll first be taken through a short diagnosis of your current routine and concerns, from here your treatment will be tailored to your needs; hydration, rejuvenation, extraction. Cleanses, masks, steam, topical treatments and more will all be administered in a way that induces relaxation.

Words by Ellen Presbury for RUSSH