Jocelyn Petroni, Chanel Nail Ambassador and salon owner

Tell us how you started out in the beauty industry?

“I studied a Diploma in Beauty Therapy at The Strand College of Beauty Therapy on scholarship and I had a strong passion for holistic, results- based treatments. I then went on to gain experience at the Steiner Training Academy in the UK. In addition, I completed courses on Lymphatic Drainage, Shiatsu Massage, Reiki, and various other courses in Australia. I started my own business in 2006, the current flagship salon in Woollahra, which opened in 2016, is designed to embody my passion and dedication to optimum skin health, client care, a high end experience and attention to detail with a spa ambiance, large oversized treatment rooms and natural light. I am very affectionate and tactile so working closely with people comes naturally to me. Taking pride in my appearance and the values in my family upbringing allowed me to pursue my passion as a beauty therapist and build a business that I genuinely love and believe in. I have a meticulous attention to detail so owning my own business in the premium beauty market has always been a dream of mine and is reflective of my passionate and affectionate personality.”

How has the industry changed?

“The biggest change I’ve seen is that the customer would like to experience more than just a skin treatment. You can go to any salon and have a skin treatment or peel. They seek a treatment that cares for them holistically and treats them holistically. They want a more unique experience and high-end customer care. There has been a return to niche, self-love and self-care and at Jocelyn Petroni we have always offered that – with exceptional superficial results as well. Clients want to feel part of the experience and personally connect.”

You were the first official nail expert for Chanel Australia and the first official Chanel polish stockiest in the world outside of Chanel – tell us how that came about.

“I think this really comes down to my meticulous attention
to detail and extensive training and knowledge on nail health and achieving optimum results. Jocelyn Petroni is also a premium environment with unrivalled client care which aligns aesthetically with the Chanel brand.”

You are renowned for your holistic results- based treatments, namely the Heart Chakra facial – how was this developed?

“I bring in techniques that I personally practice in my life such as meditation. I’ve been practicing Tibetan Buddhism and Reiki for 14 years, so naturally it comes into my treatments. My facial treatments have always naturally incorporated these techniques and as staff have joined our team, I’ve trained them in these methods as well. We have an incredible Reiki master who has created a Reiki course for us to teach all of our therapists how to perform the practice in all of our treatments. Each therapist undergoes the intensive Reiki training course when they begin and we are all qualified Reiki Masters. I wanted to create something that aligned with my personal values and passions, incorporating personal touch was a big part of this. A ‘loving’ or ‘compassionate’ touch completely transforms our client’s energy and attitude when they come out. It transforms their skin too – every Jocelyn Petroni treatment and the signature Heart Chakra Facial infuses the healing power of Reiki. This hands-on alternative therapy reduces cortisol levels for reduced reactivity and enhanced healing rates. Touch decreases cortisol levels so the skin responds better to topical applications. Downtime decreases because of the compassionate touch given during a very active treatment.”

What is the biggest lesson you learnt setting up your beauty business?

“The biggest lesson I have learned is that beautiful is a state of being – which is why our take on beauty is refreshingly different. We believe the condition and concerns of your skin are as unique as your fingerprint. We expertly combine the power of connection with highly bespoke treatments to leave you feeling de-stressed, youthful, glowing and beautiful from the inside-out. We believe in creating a sacred space for you to feel your best, which is why every treatment is an experience and why our clients call it their ‘happy space’. From our light and airy treatment rooms to our tranquil surroundings, everything we do is about helping you regain peace of mind and feeling like a better, more radiant version of yourself.”

Fans of your beautiful facials include Megan Gale and Miranda Kerr – how did you get a celebrity following?

“I focus on what I love doing and what I’m passionate about – I’ve put all energy into doing it well. Focusing on what I love has led to opportunities both editorially and with incredible brands like Chanel. In turn, I have naturally developed a celebrity client base who really want that personal, premium touch and results- driven outcome.”

What will be the biggest change in the beauty landscape we can expect in 2020?

“We’ve already started to see a huge movement toward Clean Beauty in 2019 and this will continue into 2020. Clients are looking for eco-conscious alternatives and natural, organic, non-toxic solutions within their beauty routines. At Jocelyn Petroni, we always want to be at the forefront of beauty and pioneering particularly in the wellness space. This month we actually launched the ‘Clean Beauty Manicure and Pedicure’ – an evolution of the Naked Manicure for the conscious consumer. The Clean Beauty Manicure and Pedicure is the ultimate uplifting, wholesome, healthy and eco-conscious beauty treat! As with all Jocelyn Petroni treatments, a thorough consultation is conducted and a personalised approach taken with each client on their nails – and the treatment is curated with completely natural and pure products. In addition, we’re loving to see the return to self-love and self- care in 2020! Taking time out for yourself to reconnect and not just focusing on ‘beauty’ but holistic wellness treatments.”

Can you let us in on any plans for your brand?

“At Jocelyn Petroni, we’re always continually searching to offer
a more premium, unique experience unlike anywhere else. This year we unveiled the new gallery space that caters for celebrity clientele, those wanting The Complete JP Experience, bridal bookings, and group bookings – a space that aligns with our aesthetic to have luxurious, high-end treatment experience like no other. As mentioned, we have also launched the Clean Beauty Manicure and Pedicure to remain constantly responsive to our clients needs and the changing beauty and wellness landscape.2020 will continue to see Jocelyn Petroni pioneer in the beauty and wellness space and we can’t wait to share more detailed, results-driven treatments!”

Words by Anita Quade for Professional Beauty