Tell us how you settled on a design concept for Jocelyn Petroni salon?

“It was always my dream to create a beautiful, ambient setting where I would feel nurtured and in turn could nuture others. I wanted to create a salon experience that was as decadent as it was necessary. I’ve been practicing Tibetan Buddhism for eight years and actually meditate during facial treatments and I encourage my therapists and clients to do the same. My therapists are qualified Reiki practitioners and this beautiful energy comes through all the treatments we practice in the salon. My salon is a calming, uncluttered, nurturing and comforting environment where women and men can escape from the pressures of everyday life. My aesthetic is neutral, clean and fresh.”


How often do you update the salon?

“We expanded and updated the salon when we moved to a larger space in September 2016. I regularly monitor and tweak my aesthetic to keep the space feeling refreshed and modern. Weekly I have fresh flowers delivered and seasonally change the essential oils I burn to create the perfect ambience. At the moment we are burning Sandalwood throughout the salon, which has a warm woody aroma and is deeply relaxing – perfect for winter.”


How important is it to define your look interior wise?

“Interiors are essential to creating the look, feel and brand you want. They represent you and your philosophy and speak volumes to your client about what sort of experience to expect. I am highly esthetic and I believe the working environment I create encourages my clients and staff to embrace our salon philosophy and to see the level of cleanliness and detail that is reflected in our treatments.” Updating the look can be an expensive exercise – any tips for salon owners on a budget? “I believe that everything is in the detail which is an easy and cost-effective way to update the salon. Money saving tweaks could be fresh flowers, essential oils burning, soft furnishings, new linen and looking for something unique you can offer your clients, an extra point of difference. Also, cleanliness is essential and keeping your salon spotless is an inexpensive way to make an impact.”


What is your favourite piece in the Woollahra salon?

“There are a few artworks throughout the salon, which form a collection I collaborated on for Chanel Australia. I had the opportunity to create these artworks with Vicki Lee and her husband, photographer for Gritty Pretty.” What was your biggest interior splurge and your luxe for less piece? “Our custom-made, oversized reception desk, which is topped with a piece of stone that took six men to carry. Luxe for less, one of our treatment rooms contains an amoir and mirror that I purchased at auction when I opened my first salon in 2006. I still love antiques and these pieces last a lifetime.”


Words by Professional Beauty