There’s a distinct ’90s mood in the air right now, but although the underlying tone is grunge, there’s polish to it this time around. She’s a glamorous tomboy. And a red-carpet rebel. Someone happy to devote an hour to an immaculate eye — but who leaves the house without lipstick. And these definitely aren’t leftover-from-the-night-before looks…

What didn’t work back in the ’90s (pencil-thin eyebrows, anyone?) is now superceded by effortless elements that are timeless. A thicker, fuller, more natural brow; a chic, moody manicure; a full-on eye; and barely-there, polished foundation.

Words: Eugenie Kelly.
Photographer: Steven Chee.
Model: Jenna Goldsack.
Stylist: Thelma McQuillan.
Hair: Thelma McQuillan.
Make-up: Victoria Baron.

Manicurist: Jocelyn Petroni for CHANEL.