Jocelyn Petroni

Jocelyn Petroni

Jocelyn Petroni is a multi-disciplined beauty, nail and skin therapist based in Sydney, Australia

VOGUE BRIDES | Inside beauty therapist Jocelyn Petroni’s elegant Sydney wedding

Jocelyn Petroni and John Clarkson happened to be...


Harper’s Bazaar Australia | Bellezza A Capri

To give luminescent skin an edge, contrast it with a sophisticated blunt, bold nail. “For winter you want a dark nail that’s ‘bright’,” says Jocelyn Petroni, official manicurist for Chanel Australia. “This gun-metal grey has a moss-green shimmer. It’s tricky finding an elegant shimmer, but this colour is, as it’s a soft reflector.”

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Beauty Crew | The skin care mistake you never knew you were making

As a beauty writer and general skin care fanatic, my night-time skin care routine falls somewhere between excessive and comical.

Image: Getty
Words by Kate Niven for Beauty Crew as published on Beauty Crew here.

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“Meditation keeps me balanced, I actually go into a meditative state while I’m giving facials. I find peaceful moments in my beautiful salon and I try to be mindful by only focusing on my task at hand, without thinking about everything else. This way I am most productive and able to give beautiful treatments.” – Jocelyn Petroni

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Vogue Australia | Just Add Water

Coder, baker, zeitgeist-maker: Model-turned-mogul Karlie Kloss is the CEO of her own destiny.

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“I live an active life which includes a lot of time on the water and in the surf – my skin gets an absolute beating from the sun and salt. I also have a packed professional life which has me working pretty hard, regularly traveling and under a fair amount of stress. Seeing Joss for a facial on a regular basis is not only my skin’s antidote to these things but it is that special hour where I feel like I’m making some time to be unconditionally nurtured by someone else…….and Joss does an incredible job in that respect. I always come away feeling fresh and ready to go again.”

– Nick Tobias, Founder, Tobias Partners

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The Sydney Morning Herald | Customised nail polish is the latest must-try beauty trend

Customising your beauty routine is not a new idea. We have been doing it with our foundation by mixing in luminisers to add warmth or glow, or blending two favourites together to create a unique foundation base.

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Janna O’Toole

From the minute you walk into her beautiful, serene space it’s clear there’s nothing more indulgent than a facial with Jocelyn! Her incredible massage technique combined with the best pro-grade actives immediately transforms my skin I glow for days.

– Janna Johnson O’Toole, Beauty Director, ELLE & Harper’s BAZAAR

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The File | Why You Need Retinol In Your Life

Jocelyn recommends it to her clients who are concerned with “sun damage, ageing, pigmentation, and fine lines and wrinkles” and sees it as an “amazing skin booster that makes all skin types dewy, glowing and radiant.” Sign us up.

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Beauty Crew | 6 Ways You Can Improve Your Cleansing Routine

“Cleansing your skin is the most important step in your routine! Ensuring that your skin is clean and exfoliated helps to prevent breakouts, removes surface dry dead skin cells – which stimulates cell turnover, and reveals fresher skin that looks smooth and dewy,” says facialist Jocelyn Petroni.

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Want to get your paws on her? Then you’ll need to make them look marginally appealing and most of all, clean. Jocelyn Petroni, nail expert for Chanel Australia, reveals how to perform a DIY man mani.

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