Jocelyn Petroni

Jocelyn Petroni

Jocelyn Petroni is a multi-disciplined beauty, nail and skin therapist based in Sydney, Australia

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Mr Jones | Spring Eternal

If you’re not ready to explore a ive ingredients or end signi cant time on skin prep, art by washing o the day – always. “Cleanser removes debris and residue from the skin’s surface. It also stimulates natural shedding to reveal fresh, radiant skin cells,” explains Petroni.

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MAVALA | New pioneering ‘clean beauty manicure and pedicure’ now available at jocelyn petroni

The clean manicure is an evolution of our signature Jocelyn Petroni manicure, ‘The Naked Manicure’, which is ultimately designed to restore nail strength and health.We are now also offering a targeted ‘Clean Manicure and Pedicure’ for our clients who are making decisions for their daily life that take into account a particular regard to conscious consumerism. This new treatment focuses on the overall health of the nail, and excludes harsh ingredients that can be found in most manicure and pedicure treatments.

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The Wedding Series | Introducing Jocelyn Petroni

Renowned for unrivalled client care and meticulous attention to detail, Jocelyn Petroni is one of the leading premium beauty experts in Australia. Specialising in treatments that combine classically proven methods with innovative techniques and a unique brand of holistic skin and nail artistry, the Jocelyn Petroni experience is like no other.

Jocelyn is one of The Wedding Series Contributors who will be sharing her world of knowledge on skincare, beauty and trends with a dedicated bridal twist.

We spoke to Jocelyn about what brides to be can expect from her breathtaking salon in Sydney’s leafy Eastern suburb Woollahra.

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JONES | The Smart guide to summer beauty

“In summer, your skin is metabolising faster and it needs lots of water to function at it’s best. This means it’s easier for it to become dehydrated,” says skin expert Jocelyn Petroni. Her advice is to use more oils (they’ll help skin retain moisture), add hyaluronic acid and vitamin C to your regimen and, of course, drink more water. If a quick fix is what you’re after, keep a mist in your handbag. “a mist can work wonders for a light hydration throughout the day so skin appears more dewy, as well as to resent make-up,” says Petroni.

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In the self-care era, indulging in the occasional beauty treatment is not only encouraged, it’s celebrated. But as we enter 2020, we want our skincare and makeup regimens to not just beautify ourselves, but our environment too. Guilt-free indulgence is the goal.
And while nail salons have traditionally been the domain of eye-watering chemicals, there’s a new nail trend aiming to change how we treat our hands and, in turn, our planet. Enter: the ‘clean manicure’.

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INSTYLE | Secrets from the glam squad

Party season prep almost always includes a fresh mani-pedi. “Bright toes against glowing legs looks heavenly!” says manicurist Jocelyn Petroni, who suggests selecting different shades for your fingers and toes. “Matchy- matchy polish can look dated.”

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WHIMN | The ‘Clean Beauty Manicure’ is here to save your poor, Shellac-tortured nails

Having pioneered the fashion industry’s favourite ‘Naked Manicure’ – which champions a highly-buffed, polish-free nail bed – Petroni is evolving her offering by catering to the ‘conscious consumer’ with the introduction of the ‘Clean Beauty Manicure and Pedicure’.
She explains, “We have handpicked products and ingredients that help protect your skin and the environment, as well as packaging that is biodegradable.” The treatment goes so far as to include acetate-free Mavala Crystal Nail Polish Remover, so natural you could tip it into an indoor plant, if you felt the urge, safe in the knowledge it would cause no harm.

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The Beauty School | Why won’t this jade roller solve all of my problems?

Celebrity facialist Jocelyn Petroni;(yes, her Woollahra salon offers the best facials in Sydney, if you have a spare $280 up your sleeve), says jade rollers can be “very beneficial”. “However, you can also do what these tools do with your hands and utilising the right massage techniques yourself. In saying that, if the jade roller means you’ll actually practise them, then that’s great,” Jocelyn said.
“They are good for lymphatic drainage, but you can do this with your cleanser via the method and technique in your cleansing movements.
“Work in the direction that the lymphatic system naturally flows, as this will give you the added benefit of lymphatic drainage everyday, at home.”

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Ultraceuticals UltraB2 Hydrating Serum: This serum’s combination of hyaluronic acid and vitamin B3 (niacinamide) means it’s both hydrating and calming. “Before landing, apply the serum and the moisturiser,” Jocelyn says.

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indulgence | Beauty on the move

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