Jocelyn Petroni

Jocelyn Petroni

Jocelyn Petroni is a multi-disciplined beauty, nail and skin therapist based in Sydney, Australia

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Sunday Life | Road Test This week I try… a home manicure

Just as I was despairing at the state of my nails, I received a perfect tool kit from nail guru Jocelyn Petroni. Her Naked Manicure Kit (, $145) contains a nail file, nail buffer, CND Rescu RXx keratin nail treatment to help repair nail damage and strengthen the plate, Mavala’s Nailactan cream for brittle nails and Repairing Night Cream.

Words by Stephanie Darling

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South China Morning Post | Beauty salons shut? How to give yourself an at-home facial – the rule of three, dos and don’ts, and seven common mistakes to avoid

“Start by massaging the décolletage near your heart area, as this is where lymph drains into the bloodstream. Then massage your neck in a gentle downwards motion,” she says. “Lastly massage the face working from the centre line of the face to the outer edges of the face near the ears. By massaging using this guide you are increasing lymphatic drainage, to treat puffiness, dark circles, congestion and boost overall skin health and cellular regeneration.”

Words by Annie Brown

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Body + Soul | Celeb manicurist Jocelyn Petroni’s at-home kit will save your #iso nails

Chanel’s official manicurist for Australia, and founder of eponymous Sydney salon, Jocelyn Petroni has put together a little something to keep your hands looking their best. Enter, the ‘At Home Naked Manicure Kit’, a take-home kit which allows clients to re-create Petroni’s cult-favourite ‘The Naked Manicure’ treatment (we tried it, and yes it’s worth the hype), without leaving the house.

Words by Allison Izzo

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9HONEY |Jocelyn Petroni on how she gets (really) good skin

Jocelyn Petroni is one of Australia’s most recognised skincare experts. With Miranda Kerr and Megan Gale among her clientele, she’s all about helping people get the glowy complexions they deserve. Her attention-to-detail extends from her innovative treatments through to the super-zen spa vibes she creates in her beautiful treatment space, considered a Sydney institution for clear-skin devotees.

Words by Carina Rossi

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Professional Beauty | The brand ambassador and skincare entrepreneur

“The biggest change I’ve seen is that the customer would like to experience more than just a skin treatment. You can go to any salon and have a skin treatment or peel. They seek a treatment that cares for them holistically and treats them holistically. They want a more unique experience and high-end customer care. There has been a return to niche, self-love and self-care and at Jocelyn Petroni we have always offered that – with exceptional superficial results as well. Clients want to feel part of the experience and personally connect.”

Words by Anita Quade

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Harper’s Bazaar | Skintelligence

Dermatologists have long urged us to treat our hands, our most age-exaggerating body part, like our face. In addition to extending SPF and retinol or peptide- charged serums to the backs of hands, it’s no surprise that Sydney’s go-to facialist and manicurist Jocelyn Petroni is making easy work of treating the sun damage and uneven skin tone that shows up there.

Words by Brooke Le Poer Trench

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RUSSH | Confused about skincare acids? Here’s your crash course

“For sensitive skins, I would recommend papaya or pomegranate, which are actually enzymes, rather than acids, so they are milder, but they will still buff away gently and smooth the surface of the skin. For people who find granular physical exfoliants too harsh for their skin, a mild fruit enzyme is perfect,” Petroni advises.

Words by Ella Jane

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VOGUE BRIDES | Inside beauty therapist Jocelyn Petroni’s elegant Sydney wedding

Jocelyn Petroni and John Clarkson happened to be introduced by our very own editor-in-chief. “We were introduced by our dear friends Edwina McCann and David Basha,” shares Jocelyn. “The four of us went out to dinner and I was incredibly nervous. Johnny was his usual talkative and hilarious self and I instantly fell in love with his smiling eyes.”

Words by Danielle Gay

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Clarins x Jocelyn Petroni

Plant Gold is the newest instalment from the brand which has long heralded the benefits of botanicals. Some 60 years ago, Clarins founder Jacques Courtin-Clarins, coined the term ‘aromaphytocare’. Put simply, it describes the skincare company’s dedication to plant extracts and their essential oils – many of which can’t be replicated synthetically – and are known to impact our overall wellbeing thanks to their calming aroma.

In partnership with Clarins & Vogue Australia

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ELLE | All the light we cannot see

Blue light refers to the high-energy wavelengths that sit on the blue end of the visible light spectrum. Much of the blue light we’re exposed to comes from the sun, however it’s also emitted by LEDs — such as those found in our phones, TVs and laptops. According to recent research, Australians are spending more than one- third of their day in front of these devices.

Words by Pema Bakshi & Kate Lancaster

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