Jocelyn Petroni

Jocelyn Petroni

Jocelyn Petroni is a multi-disciplined beauty, nail and skin therapist based in Sydney, Australia

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BEAUTICATE | You should think twice about using a towel to dry your face

We bet that as soon as you finish washing your face your first inclination is to grab your towel and pat it dry. It’s a natural instinct really. However, did you know that keeping your skin damp could increase the efficacy of any products you use following your cleanse?

Image: Instagram @emrata
Words by Yadira Galarza Cauchi for BEAUTICATE

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MAMAMIA | Five of Australia’s best facialists share their favourite skincare product.

They own the salons and reign at the spas celebs turn to for perfect skin. Brides-to-be have them on speed-dial. Beauty editors quote them like gospel. Now, we’ve rounded up their favourite skin care products so you can get their glow at home.

Words by Caelia Corse for MAMAMIA

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BEAUTY HEAVEN | Why the naked manicure should be on your radar

Do your nails need some serious TLC? Then maybe it’s time to give them a break from gels or regular polish. But this doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your manicure all together. There’s a new trend in nail treatments that’s all about embracing the look of your natural nails – without having to forgo the chic look of a manicure.

Words by Sophie Howe for Beauty Heaven

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BYRDIE | How and When to exfoliate Correctly

Byrdie enlists three top skin experts to break down exactly how and when to exfoliate, and what to do it with.

Images: Imaxtree
Words by Emily Algar for BYRDIE Australia

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Going up! What you need on your next long-haul trip – no matter the flight time!

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JONES MAGAZINE | Beauty Skin Saviours

JONES Magazine tracked down eight new skincare breakthroughs that will bend your mind and liberate your skin with the help of our very own Jocelyn Petroni.

Photography: Pete Daly
Illustration: Karin Kowi
Words by Stephanie Darling for JONES Magazine

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It may be possible to work out and wake up with younger-looking skin. What better reason to renew your gym membership?

Photography: Georgina Egan
Stills Photography: Edward Urrutia
Words by Remy Rippon for VOGUE Australia

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Want to know what Jocelyn Petroni’s vote was for ELLE Australia’s 2018 Green Awards? Hint: it’s for your face!

Photography: Sevak Bebakhani

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Pedestrian | All The Stuff You Should Do Now To Keep Your Skin Looking 10/10 For Life

Jocelyn Petroni to gives the 411 on keeping common skin concerns in check (and making sure your skin looks fire in the future).

Images: Pedestrian
Words by Melissa Mason for Pedestrian

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STICHU. | Your Summer Beauty Guide

When Sigourney Cantelo starts talking about the products we should be investing in during our harsh summers, and where in the Eastern Suburbs we should be indulging in for beauty treatments, we are scribbling it all down so that you too are in the know.

Words by Sitchu Team

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