Jocelyn Petroni

Jocelyn Petroni

Jocelyn Petroni is a multi-disciplined beauty, nail and skin therapist based in Sydney, Australia

Marie Claire | Back to bare

“Women value nail health much the same as their skin health, and the Naked Manicure is tailored for optimal nail health”
– Jocelyn Petroni, Offical Manicurist for CHANEL

Words by Sally Hunwick for Marie Claire Magazine

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spa & clinic | striving for excellence

Jocelyn Petroni, both the salon and the much loved beauty therapist,
are synonymous with luxury and high standards. Not satisfied with her reputation
as a highly sought-after beauty artisan, her passion, love and commitment to the industry as a leader goes far beyond her welcoming, chic and beautifully designed salon.

Words by Nadine Dilong for Spa & Clinic

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marie claire | Power Facials

“The Radiance Facial is based on the consistent results with microdermabrasion, and the desire for an advanced active facial that offers visible [results] beyond that achieved with sophisticated home-care products,” says Jocelyn Petroni.

Words by Sally Hunwick for Marie Claire

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Wentworth Courier | Bursting onto the scene

Jeweller Matthew Ely and salon queen Jocelyn Petroni are the fresh faces of Queen Street.

Words by Elle Halliwell for Wentworth Courier

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Leading facialist and manicurist Jocelyn Petroni has expanded her Sydney salon with a stunning new space.

Photographer: Duncan Killick
Styling: Nicole Bonython-Hines
Hair: Taylor James Redman
Make-up: Claire Thomson

Words by Remy Rippon for VOGUE AUSTRALIA.

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SUNDAY LIFE | Road test

I am at one of my favourite beauty haunts, the Jocelyn Petroni beauty salon in Woollahra, Sydney, trying the Radiance facial. This treatment uses advanced microdermabrasion to remove dead skin cells and improve texture, tone and radiance.

Words by Stephanie Darling for Sunday Life

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Makeup tips | How to pick a top trending nail polish shade to suit your skin tone

Dialling up your digits with a swipe of colour is an easy way to add instant flair to any beauty look. Your skin tone plays an important role in determining just how a particular shade will size up. We narrow in on the top trending nail shades of the moment and how you can make them work in your favour.

Words by Hannah Gay
Photography by Richard Freeman (Headshot) & Tim Kindler (Application Image)

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Sydney Morning herald | The Reformed manicure addicts guide to repairing your nails

Jocelyn Petroni the official manicurist for Chanel in Australia says the most common problem she’s seeing among her clients, which can manifest in splitting, flaking and brittle nails.

Petroni developed her signature “naked manicure” in response to these concerns.

Words by Annie Brown

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who | Treatment Performance + Description

“This treatment is best suited for skin that has become dull and dehydrated, in need of radiance and deep hydration. Sun-damaged and prematurely aged skin will also love the results from the vitamin A infusion that follows the diamond tip exfoliation,” says Petroni.

Words by Toni Hynes

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Sydney Morning herald | What to do with your skin post-summer

“The main factor that will impact the skin is the season, more so than diet, exercise and stress,” says Petroni, adding that she advises her clients to have at least four facials a year, one for each season.

Words by Annie Brown

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