Jocelyn Petroni

Jocelyn Petroni

Jocelyn Petroni is a multi-disciplined beauty, nail and skin therapist based in Sydney, Australia

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Body + Soul |Australia’s celebrity facialist on the one ingredient that will stop ageing in it’s tracks

Jocelyn Petroni is the woman that Australia’s most recognisable, and beautiful, people entrust with their faces. And their faces are their business. Miranda Kerr, Michelle Bridges, Rachael Finch, Victoria Lee, Megan Gale and Jessica Gomes all happily sing her praises, but it’s Petroni’s training not only as a facialist but in lymphatic drainage, shiatsu massage, reiki that has earnt her industry accolades too.

Words by Alison Izzo

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Body & Soul |Mindfulness Meets Beauty

“Essentially, [mindful beauty] is about checking in with yourself and consciously feeling what’s happening in your own body,” she says. “It’s important to allocate time to turn inward, see how you’re feeling and give yourself some self-care. It comes back to self-love and mindfulness — people are so outwardly focused, it’s essential to consciously take time out for yourself and how you feel to rejuvenate, relax and reset.”

Words by Kelsey Ferencak

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instyle | My secret weapons

Jocelyn Petroni’s skin signature is a dewy, luminous complexion. But what sets this expert’s practice apart is her serene demeanour that touches every detail of her airy, light filled Sydney salon. “I want women to feel beautiful and enveloped in love when they walk out,” she says.

Words by Bettina Tyrrell
Photographed by Philip Le Masurier
Styled by Lexi Henderson

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Gritty Pretty | your most pressing beauty questions, answered

As Jocelyn Petroni, one of Australia’s most esteemed facialists explains, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all treatment program for acne. “Every skin type is unique,” Jocelyn tells Gritty Pretty. “You will always experience different results from different treatments. Laser is the most efficient treatment for scarring – specifically Fraxel Laser – however, it really does depend on the skin type and intensity of the scarring.”

When it comes to skin, sometimes less is more. “You should not be over treating your skin and having lots of invasive treatments as this can often cause inflammation and make the scarring worse,” Jocelyn says.

Words by Erin Cook for Gritty Pretty

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Marie Claire | Great Skin at every age

Our skin can throw up all sorts of issues throughout the decades, whether it’s pimples in your 20s (or 30s), pigmentation in your 40s, or dullness in your 50s.

Words by Sally Hunwick

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VOGUE | if you’re not using a natural oil here’s why you should be

A lot has been written about oils and the revolutionary benefits they can deliver for our complexions. From fixing dehydration to delivering vital nutrients, for a while, it felt like oils could do no wrong. However, a small portion of the beauty population couldn’t get behind oils for two reasons: they didn’t fit into their natural beauty routines and secondly (and this may seem rather obvious) they were too, well, oily.

In Partnership with Clarins

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Women’s Health | Body Works

“After your body wash in the shower, apply body oil and allow the water to wash away the excess,” says facials Jocelyn Petroni.

Words by Iantha Yu

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Beauty Crew | 19 of our favourite post-workout beauty essentials

A scented body oil, such as Thank You Botanical Geranium & Rosewood Bath & Body Oil, is the key to smelling fresh *and* keeping your limbs hydrated. “Following your body wash, apply a body oil while you’re still in the shower and allow the water to wash away the excess,” says facialist Jocelyn Petroni. “When you jump out, gently towel-dry your body, and your skin will be left with the perfect amount of moisture. This technique allows your skin to absorb what it needs.”

Words by Iantha Yu

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Sydney morning herald | you’re spring cleaning everything else, why not your skincare regime too?

“In summer, the skin and the body become more dehydrated as the body temperature rises and the metabolic processes increase. This means your skin is metabolising faster and it needs ample water to function at its best. We secrete more oil and water in summer due to the skin’s increased
temperature resulting increased dehydration – we sweat more so we need to replenish this water loss consistently,” she says.

Words by Annie Brown

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Harper’s Bazaar | Old or Weird?

Beauty therapist Jocelyn Petroni is well known for her superlative facial treatments, so I posed the question of anti-ageing to her in her airy, light- filled salon in Sydney. “We find that people who haven’t experienced corrective skin health or the right skin treatment program from a knowledgeable clinic or salon tend to use injectables to overcom- pensate,” Petroni says. “Our aim is for optimal skin health, for glowing results at every age. ere is de nitely a place for filler and Botox, how- ever healthy skin will make you look more youthful.” Petroni starts with a treatment plan to build the skin, repairing and correcting both colour and breakouts. She then works on treating congestion, pigmentation and fine lines, using noninvasive techniques such as peels, vitamin infusions, microdermabrasion and Omnilux. “We put our clients on a skin program with diferent modalities to achieve their individual and specifc results,” she says. “It’s never one size ts all.”

Words by Kirsty Clements for Harpers Bazaar Magazine

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