Jocelyn Petroni

Jocelyn Petroni

Jocelyn Petroni is a multi-disciplined beauty, nail and skin therapist based in Sydney, Australia

Beauty Crew | 9 face mists that can cool you down on a hot day

"A refreshing, cooling, hydrating facial mist is the...


Russh | Where the Light is

Photographer: Kelly Geddes @ Vivien’s Creative
Fashion and Beauty: Billie Iveson Model: Emilli Cestari @ Priscillas
Hair: Renya Xydis @ Talentland using Cloud 9
Makeup: Victoria Baron @ MAP using Chanel
Manicurist: Jocelyn Petroni for Chanel
Photographers Assistant: Anne Peeters
Stylist’s Assistant: Barnabe White

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VOGUE ONLINE | Why you should consider a naked manicure for your wedding day

“Our signature naked manicure is a fresh change from a traditional colour-focussed approach and instead leaves the nails looking natural, bright and healthy,”

Words by Danielle Gay

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Spa & Clinic | Team Work

Massages and facials are arguable two of the most relaxing spa treatments – only to be topped by a multi-therapist-treatment.

Word by Nadine Dilong

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Woman’s Weekly | you’re getting warmer

“Nails show signs of long term dehydration, becoming brittle with ragged cuticles, especially through winter,”

Words by Vicki Bramley

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9Honey | The one thing every woman over 30 needs on their beauty shelf

“Seems simple but the impact and visible results from using vitamin A are enormous as it reduces pigmentation, fine lines and breakouts while revealing fresh, dewy, radiant, glowing skin – and we know hydrated, radiant skin always looks youthful,”

Words by Carina Rossi

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Marie Claire | in black and white

The dark side
A black manicure looks super chic, but it needs to be awless. “Black polish is unforgiving and must be chip free and perfectly applied to keep it looking sophisticated,” says Petroni. Here’s how to nail the look.

Words by: Sally Hunwick for Marie Claire Magazine
Photography by: Edward Urrutia; Courtesy of CHANEL

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Vogue Australia | Triple Threat

Words by: Clare Press
Styled by: Kate Darvill
Photographed by: Nicole Bently
Manicurist: Jocelyn Petroni for CHANEL Australia
Hair: Koh
Make-up: Kellie Stratton
Prop stylist: Alicia Scriberras

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Harper’s Bazaar | Beauty Bucket List

“I love to experience treatments everywhere I travel and introduce the techniques I learn to my staff and incorporate them into my [Sydney] salon’s treatments.” – Jocelyn Petroni, skin and nail therapist and official manicurist for Chanel Australia

Words by: Janna Johnson O’Toole for Harpers Bazaar

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beauty crew | 5 rules to follow

“Your skin care routine and how you apply your skin care daily can make a huge difference to your skin health,”

Words by Carli Alman for Beauty Crew

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Beauty Biz | 10 Minutes with Jocelyn Petroni

Celebrity beauty therapist, luxury salon owner and visionary trainer, Jocelyn Petroni’s passion for the professional beauty industry is unwavering.

Words by Janine Phillipson for Beaty Biz Magazine, Mocha Publishing

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