Jocelyn Petroni

Jocelyn Petroni

Jocelyn Petroni is a multi-disciplined beauty, nail and skin therapist based in Sydney, Australia

ELLE |girl on film

Phoebe Tonkin wears Chanel Official Photographed by George...


Harper’s Bazaar | Paradise Lost

Photographed by Darren McDonald
Styled by Naomi Smith
Hair by Koh at Vivien’s Creative
Makeup by Linda Jefferyes at The Artist Group
Clean Beauty Manicures by Jocelyn Petroni
Models Alexandra Agoston, Georgia Fowler, Charlee Fraser and Gemma Ward at IMG models and Victoria Lee at Priscillas model management.

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9 Honey | The one thing every woman over 30 needs on her beauty shelf

“Seems simple but the impact and visible results from using vitamin A are enormous as it reduces pigmentation, fine lines and breakouts while revealing fresh, dewy, radiant, glowing skin – and we know hydrated, radiant skin always looks youthful,” says Petroni.

Words by Carina Rossi

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WHIMN | The ‘Clean’ Manicure Is The Non-Trend Nail Trend To Try Now

“There’s a growing trend towards healthy bare nails that are shiny and look healthy, with pink nail beds reflecting good blood flow, strong white edges and no discolouration,” explains Petroni

Words by Ashleigh Austen

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Gritty Pretty | The Top nail salons in Sydney

What you might not know is that Petroni is equally adept at nails – appointed CHANEL’s official nail expert in Australia in 2015. Go to her the highest-calibre manicure, knowledge beyond compare, a second-to-none team and the latest season CHANEL Le Vernis nail shades before they even hit counters.

Words by Wendy Hoang

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Body & Soul | Is Retinol the magical skin saviour it’s hyped up to be?

Using retinol requires acclimatisation and it’s important to start off slowly and work your way up. A good starting point is a pea-sized amount of a low percentage – around .01-.03%, once or twice a week. From there you can customise your strength and work your way up to a higher dose or frequency – with prescription formulas the strongest on the market.

Words by Kelsey Ferencak

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Beauty Crew | 9 face mists that can cool you down on a hot day

Ah… you sure can’t beat a generous spritz of face mist over your complexion after basking in the sun on a hot day. One of Australia’s leading facialist’s, Jocelyn Petroni, agrees with us 100 per cent. “A refreshing, cooling, hydrating facial mist is the perfect summer’s day beauty trick,” she says. “Not only does it hydrate the skin and add that dewy glow, it also feels amazing and cooling on the skin after a day in the sun.” Amen to that.

Words by Iantha Yu

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Grazia | How to do summer skincare like an expert

Jocelyn Petroni: In summer, the skin and the body become more dehydrated as the body temperature rises and the metabolic processes increase. This means your skin is metabolising faster and it needs ample water to function at its best. We sweat more in the summer months too, so we need to replenish this water loss consistently.

Words by Emily Algar

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Azelaic acid is a pigment-inhibiting ingredient so it’s excellent for the management of dark spots and all pigmentary concerns. It also has the additional benefit of powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, which prevent acne breakouts. In saying this, it is also much milder than other acids therefore it won’t aggravate or irritate sensitive rosacea skins.

Words by Susannah Guthrie

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STELLAR | nailed it

Nature-inspired nail colours are the key trend this spring and summer. “Warm sunbeam tones, from sand and tan, to cream, clay and coffee browns, as well as coral, are big,” explains nail expert Jocelyn Petroni. “But if you prefer something moodier, don’t be afraid of using darker shades that are usually reserved for the cooler months.”

Words by Sherine Youssef

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INSTYLE ONLINE | a celebrity Facials shares her top 5 products for radiant skin

Jocelyn Petroni’s skin signature is a dewy, luminous complexion. But what sets this expert’s practice apart is her serene demeanour that touches every detail of her airy, light-filled Sydney salon.
“I want women to feel beautiful and enveloped in love when they walk out,” she says. And that, they do. However, instead of walking, they float on a cloud

Words by Bettina Tyrrell

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