Your best skin and the winter months are no longer mutually exclusive.

Photography: Stefania Paparelli
Hair: Leslie Thibaud
Makeup: Victoria Baron for Chanel
Styling: Rachel Wayman
Words: Janna Johnson O’Toole.

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Stay hydrated with the latest serums and oils.

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ELLE AUSTRALIA | holistic health

There’s more to spa-going than requesting an hour-long massage and saying yes or no to the tea. Here are the latest, greatest ways to find your zen.

Words by Amy Starr for ELLE.

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Beauticate | How to perfect the perfect Manicure

While fun nail art and glittery, ombré talons certainly have their time and place, nothing can beat the elegance of the classic manicure – it’s the epitome of chic, and perfect for every imaginable scenario. But while the classic mani is fuss-free and uncomplicated, it’s also deceptively simple – nailing it is a studied art in itself.

Photography: Blake Heywood
Hair & Makeup: Jessica Diez
Words by Tess Schlink

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7 surprising reasons you keep getting pimples. We bet you’ve never heard of #2 before.

Words by Kate Niven for BeautyCrew

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Vogue Australia | Is yoga the new facelift?

Going under the knife or a few downward dogs? We know which one we’d choose.

Words by Lucy Clarke for Vogue Australia
Image: Instagram.com/victoriasport

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  Jonny + June 104 Glenmore Rd, Paddington NSW, Jonnyjunehair.com An alumni of Anthony Nader and Raw Hair, Simon Bright, creative director at this lush Eastern Suburbs salon, describes his approach to hairdressing as “holistic”. His belief in this is so strong that he’s even developed his own range of organic, vegan, botanical-based hair products.  Continue Reading »

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GRITTY PRETTY | A Beauty Editor’s Guide To Sydney’s Top Facials For Instantly Glowing Skin

As beauty editors, one of the most common questions we get asked is, “Where can I get a good facial?”.

This is asked with the intention of wanting to see a dramatic difference instantly, and we know just the places. But before we reveal all, please know that having a face after a facial that glows like one of Mariah Carey’s diamonds is fleeting. Yes, even a diamond needs polishing, which is exactly how you should think of a facial. In short, upkeep and at-home maintenance is required.

Photographer: Walter Maurice
Words: Wendy Hoang for Gritty Pretty

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Chronicles Of Her | TRUE OR FALSE: Can You Shrink Pores?

Pore, pore me. My childhood can pretty much be summed up by the following three takeaways: eating cereal for afternoon tea, testing my parents’ patience with various talent shows put on in collaboration with my siblings, and a fierce commitment to the television show, Mythbusters. Milk-based breakfast foods at unconventional times and fam performances aside,  Continue Reading »

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BEAUTICATE | You should think twice about using a towel to dry your face

We bet that as soon as you finish washing your face your first inclination is to grab your towel and pat it dry. It’s a natural instinct really. However, did you know that keeping your skin damp could increase the efficacy of any products you use following your cleanse?

Words by: Yadira Galarza Cauchi
Image: Instagram @emrata

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