Good news: by this stage your skin is often over the hormonal stages and skin is glowing with health. “I find skin often looks the best it’s ever going to look at this age,” says celebrity facialist Jocelyn Petroni, who has tended to the faces of Victoria Lee, Jessica Gomes and Miranda Kerr. “It’s the moment before it starts to slow down and show more potent signs of ageing – from your late-30s onwards.”


OXIDISATION Everyday issues such as pollution, sunlight and the blue light from our devices can create premature ageing.“Thirties’ skin is challenged by oxidation and premature ageing due to both intrinsic ageing and external factors,” says Petroni.

DEHYDRATION “Fine dehydration lines pave the way for future lines to form,” says Petroni. Around the eyes and neck is where you’ll see them first.

VITAMIN A “Applying vitamin A serum or cream every evening truly works wonders,” says Petroni. “It helps reduce pigmentation, fine lines and breakouts to reveal glowing skin.”


LED “I recommend Omnilux, as it heals without ablation, which means no inflammation or damage that can cause ageing,” says Petroni.


Hydration and skin strength are a concern. “In your 50s, the skin lacks vital oil needed to keep it protected and resistant,” says Petroni. “Production of elastin and collagen decreases.”

Words by Sally Hunwick for Marie Claire Magazine