Bright Eyes

Using quality skincare products will give you a great canvas on which to apply your make-up. Use the right ones and you’ll need less make-up, which means your face will look fresher. Eye serums are lighter but still effective versions of eye cream and they’re a good choice when wearing bold eye make-up because they won’t slip as much on the skin. If you’re prone to puffiness, treat yourself to a massage. “Puffiness is just retained fluid and the best way to reduce it is through massage. Work from the inner eye, close to the nose, to the outer corner, using light pressure and a rolling motion with the ring finger,” says facialist Jocelyn Petroni. And ensure you’re applying the product to the right area. “Many women apply cream to the eyelids – it should be applied wherever there is bone beneath your finger, not above the eyeball. The skin in the eye region is one-third the thickness of the skin on the rest of the face, so the eye cream will penetrate where it’s needed,” she adds

Photographer: Eddie New
Words by Jones Magazine

The only nail colour you need this season…

…is mauve-based beige, according to celebrity manicurist Jocelyn Petroni. Let’s call it meige. “A colour that blends with your skin tone without being too opaque is so flattering, and it complements everyone,” she says. Wear nails slightly longer than you have in the past – it suits this beautiful neutral best.

Try: CHANEL Le Vernis Longwear Nail Colour in Bleached Mauve, $41, or OPI Nail Lacquer in Barefoot in Barcelona, $19.95.