Jocelyn’s Story

Bride & Groom: Jocelyn and John
Planning & Styling: Kashaya & Co
Gown: Elie Saab
Venue: Catalina, Rose Bay
Photography: Erin and Tara
Floral: Kashaya & Co
Rings: Matthew Ely
Hair: Julia Homard and Melanie Burke
Make Up: Amelia Axton

‘Helen Rodriques is the Australian authority when it comes to high end wedding gowns. I explicitly trusted her and her team personally in sourcing my perfect gown and I am so grateful for their assistance throughout the process. A wedding is such a big and important day for most women, and having Helen’s advice and expertise on that journey is reassuring, it instils confidence knowing she is an absolute expert in her field.’ Jocelyn #HRBride

How did you and your husband meet?

We were introduced by our dear friends Edwina McCann and her husband David Basha. The four of us went out to lunch and I was incredibly nervous and quiet. Johnny was his usual talkative and hilarious self and I instantly fell in love with his smiling eyes.

How did he propose?

Johnny proposed at Whale beach. It was the day I arrived back from Coachella from a girlfriend’s hens – We drove straight up to Whale Beach as we were staying there for the weekend. As soon as we arrived, we grabbed champagne and glasses and walked straight down the road to check out the surf. It was a windy day and Johnny’s glass smashed on the footpath. I thought he was picking up the pieces when he dropped to his knee so I knelt down to help him when he said “look at me!” I was completely taken by surprise and I love how casual our proposal was – true to Johnny’s personality and a reflection of our relationship.

What was your vision for your wedding day?

Johnny is Catholic and I am Buddhist brought up Catholic, so we wed in Johnny’s local Catholic church, Mary Immaculate in Waverly. I wanted the wedding to be classic, traditional, simple and elegant. We plan to travel to Bhutan for a belated honeymoon to receive blessings from the Tibetan Lamas, which will be my spiritual wedding.

I also worked with trusted suppliers that I knew and loved so I handed over the vision to them. It was a really simple brief – clean, white, minimal, romantic, nothing over the top. I put my trust in Kashaya & Co and Catalina to create the perfect day so there wasn’t a lot of pressure – I really enjoyed the whole experience.

Where did you look for your wedding inspiration?

I didn’t! Even my wedding gown a girlfriend of mine found for me and I didn’t know the flowers in my bouquet until the day of my wedding – I really put my trust in the suppliers in that way. It all felt very easy and natural. I really handed it over to the experts, I tried to step back from the planning so I didn’t get too caught up. I wanted this day to be about Johnny and I without focusing too heavily on the minor details. I’ve never really been a ‘wedding person’… until I met Johnny then I found myself really wanting to get married. The day was incredibly special and I think this had a lot to do with handing over the responsibility to the experts.

For your wedding day what drew you to your gown from Helen Rodrigues Bridal?

My very stylish friend, Nat was helping on reception in the salon and I asked her to browse around online for some wedding gown inspiration. She said her “heart fluttered” when she came across this Elie Saab gown and her adoration was infectious, I instantly fell in love with it! I couldn’t get the dress in Sydney, London or Dubai, luckily Helen Rodrigues stepped in and helped me find it. I bought the dress before even trying it on!

What was your wedding planning journey like for you? How far out did you start planning?

Not very long at all! I only ordered the dress two months prior, I remember when the dress arrived just two weeks prior to the wedding, I’d only had three fittings with Helen Rodrigues – the beauty of working with someone you really trust.

We did most of the organising a month before the wedding and Johnny actually did most of the planning – he chose the church and our reception venue, Catalina. He booked the venues early on and we left the rest of the planning until a couple of months prior.

However, the one thing I did get on top of early was my skin – I started working on my wedding skin very early. I put myself on an intensive skin program for glowing, dewy and radiant results, it was important to me that my skin more luminous that it has ever been.

I booked in my salon as a client for a facial every 6 weeks.

I alternated the skin brightening peel with the skin perfecting Azyme peel every two weeks and at 6-week intervals I had the Heart Chakra Prescribed Facial. I added an omnilux booster to every peel or facial as well.

What was the biggest decision you had to make?

The only time I felt I had to make a big decision was when other people were involved eg. Where they were sitting, who they were sitting with, what the bridesmaids had to wear etc.

What was the highlight of your wedding day for you?

My little sister’s speech and her incredibly powerful words was an absolute highlight!

Is there anything you would do differently?

I didn’t have a change of shoes with me and I wanted to dance more throughout the night but my feet were hurting from my heels. Always bring a change of shoes!

Is there any advice you would give other #HRBride’s?

Listen to Helen and her recommendation, trust in her expertise and her team. We made a fair amount of alterations to my dress and I went with whatever she recommended. I had complete trust in Helen Rodrigues and it turned out perfectly!

Also, focus on your skin early! Work with a great salon who can put you on a personalised skin plan in the lead up with regular facials every 6 weeks.

Words by Helen Rodrigues for #HRBride’s Real Brides Blog