Christian Dior dress, $10,000; Cartier emerald earrings, $770,000; Tiffany & Co. earrings (right), $9250; Cartier rings, from top, $6650 and $15,400; Tiffany & Co. watch (left), $10,900, and bracelet, $1900; Chanel watch, $28,000.



Hermès dress, $2700; Tiffany & Co. earrings (worn throughout), $9250, and bracelet (worn as necklace), $11,100; on model’s left arm, from left: Rolex watch, $207,500, from Kennedy; Tiffany & Co. bracelet, $4700; Cartier bangle, $17,700; on model’s right hand, from top: Tiffany & Co. ring, $19,000; Cartier ring, $13,800.

Opposite page: Paris Georgia top, $790; on model’s right hand: Bulgari ring, $9500; Cartier bracelet, $394,000; on model’s left hand: Bulgari ring, $13,850; Girard-Perregaux watch, $36,710, from Kennedy.



Céline top, $2000, and skirt, $7000; Bulgari earrings (in model’s right ear), $16,300; Sarah & Sebastian earring (in model’s left ear, top), $320; on model’s right hand, from top: Cartier ring, $13,800; Bulgari ring, $6550; on model’s left hand: Cartier ring, $15,400, and watches, from left, $5600 and $51,000, both from Kennedy. Prices approximate.


Photography: Daniel Nadel
Model: Sharon Koopman at Vivien’s Models
Hair & Makeup: Naomi McFadden at Union
Stylist: Caroline Tran
Manicure: Jocelyn Petroni for Chanel
Words by Harper’s Bazaar Australia, August 2018.