Stay hydrated with the latest serums and oils.

What makes a good drop? Many factors – balance, scent, depth, finish – but above all, result. And no step in your skincare routine is testament to results more so than serum. Just ask skin specialist Jocelyn Petroni, who swears by the stuff. “Serums are an essential part of your routine because they contain active ingredients in a liquid suspension, with the capacity to penetrate the skin’s deepest layers,” says Petroni. “The delivery system along with concentration of actives means the potential for real skin results, whatever your concerns.” And it doesn’t stop there, an oily drop is equally beneficial. “Similarly, oils soak into the skin beneath your moisturiser. Just a few drops will nourish the skin to help keep you hydrated all day, improve the penetration of your moisturiser and make for a flawless foundation application,” says Petroni. The perfect tipple for beautiful, baby-soft skin. Guzzle willingly.




Words by GRAZIA Australia