Australia’s leading beauty and wellness experts reveal their hacks for at-home self care

…including the common cooking item that will do wonders for your nail health.

Aussie experts share their self-care tips when you’re stuck at home. Image: iStock Source: BodyAndSoul

Add a little *spice* to lockdown.

If you’re in lockdown, or just looking to give yourself a little TLC, you’re probably on the hunt for more self-care ideas.

These are little moments for yourself, rituals of self-love that give you the warm and fuzzies while also rejuvenating you on the outside too.

If you’re looking for new steps to add to your ‘me time’ routine, look no further. We have compiled some of the best tips from Australia’s leading beauty experts to make it that much more special.

Jocelyn Petroni, leading nail expert


The best way to heal, hydrate and protect your nails is to massage oil directly into your nail bed and cuticles. Olive oil absorbs into the nail bed where its high oleic acid content deeply nourishes and soothes the nail plate and cuticles.

I like to massage olive oil into my hands and nails whilst cooking dinner at night. If your nails are particularly weak and flaky, now is a great time to be using a penetrating nail hardener like Mavala’s Scientifique K+ to strengthen the tip of the nail. | JULY 30, 202110:19AM