Finding your go-to salon it could be a tricky task as a good mani and pedi depend on many factors, who is doing them, what products are they using on your nails… and let’s be honest, Sydney is a city that sets wellness and beauty trends apart and holds them to a high standard.

Currently, Sydney is blossoming with the best nail salons that not only offer very good manicures and pedicures experiences, but that will also inspire some genuine deco pinning. (Yes, we’re are talking from first-hand experience. Have you seen the colour scheme at Jocelyn Petroni?) From all-natural and non-harmful products that are one of a kind and might very well require almost a fine art degree, these are a few of the reasons why influencers, celebrities, and boss babes like these beautiful nails salons in Sydney, just saying but, you should consider trying them now.

Jocelyn Petroni 

If you want to go to a stylish space that feels as inviting as your best friend’s house you should check them out and allow us to preface this with, “only in Sydney.,” and to jump ahead by saying we can’t wait to do it again. 

One of the celebrities, editors, and influencers frequented nails salons—Sigourney Cantelo, Eleanor Pendleton, Rachel Finch, Natasha Oakley, and Erin Holland are all regulars— JP offers a new treatment called the Clean Manicure. It’s designed on the overall health of the nail and excludes harsh ingredients that can be found in most manicure and pedicure treatments. 

While there, if the clean mani is not for you opt for The Custom-Blend Manicure that includes an extensive colour consultation with there nail artisans to create your own custom colour ($80 for a 45-minute treatment.) because have you seen their Instagram feed?  

LocationLevel 1, 80 Queen Street,Woollahra, NSW 2025

Words by Ana Frietas, October 1st, 2020.