Do your nails need some serious TLC? Then maybe it’s time to give them a break from gels or regular polish. But this doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your manicure all together. There’s a new trend in nail treatments that’s all about embracing the look of your natural nails – without having to forgo the chic look of a manicure.

Beauty expert and official manicurist for Chanel Australia, Jocelyn Petroni, offers the treatment in her Sydney based salon and says that aside from the results being very aesthetically pleasing, the long-term benefits are what’s really convincing clients to ditch the polish all together.We spoke to Jocelyn to find out exactly what the Naked Manicure is, plus how to get similar results at-home.

What is a Naked Manicure?

“The Naked Manicure is a conditioning nail treatment that repairs and strengthens the nails,” explains Jocelyn. But it’s more than just your typical nail treatment. “Rather than applying polish the nail plate is buffed to a high shine glass-like finish and nourished with Rescu RX’s new keratin treatment. The treatment is completely personalised to your own individual nail concerns, which makes it unique from the common manicure. “This treatment thoroughly and meticulously trims the cuticles and includes tailored nail and cuticle shaping specific to your nail bed and hand shape,” says Jocelyn

Why is the Naked Manicure so popular?

According to Jocelyn, the Naked Manicure is recommended for all of her first time manicure clients to ensure that their nails are at optimal health. “Our clients love the long lasting results, which are cumulative with every treatment along with the elegance and lady like finish,” she says.

Who is the perfect candidate for a Naked Manicure?

In a nutshell, everyone can benefit from a Naked Manicure, even if your nails are already strong and healthy. “Women and men love this treatment because they have never experienced a detailed manicure that focuses on cleaning and repairing,” explains Jocelyn.

Do you recommend Naked Pedicures too?

Yes, there are Naked Pedicures too and Jocelyn insists that they are just as necessary. “The toes are often in polish year round so it’s great to give them a breath of fresh air without polish and also allow them time to heal and repair,” she says. So how is the Naked Pedicure different to the Naked Manicure? “The Naked Pedicure removes every trace of dry dead skin using a drill specifically created for smoothing the soles of the feet. The treatment finishes with a firm pressure point massage so feet feel light and rejuvenated,” says Jocelyn.

Are there any downsides to a Naked Manicure?

“The only downside is that you don’t get to choose a coloured polish, but the benefits outweigh this and are much longer lasting than nail polish,” says Jocelyn.

How often do you recommend getting a Naked Manicure or Naked Pedicure?

If you’re interested in trying the Naked Manicure or Naked Pedicure in salon, Jocelyn recommends the Naked Manicure ($70) every 2 weeks for 6 consecutive treatments and the Naked Pedicure ($100) once annually.

How can we try a DIY Naked Manicure at home?

If the Naked Manicure or Naked Pedicure sounds up your alley, but you’re not quite sure if you want to visit the salon just yet, here are Jocelyn’s tips on how to get the look at-home.

  1.  Remove polish and file nails into a short soft square shape.
  2.  Soak nails in warm water and then use your thumb nail to push back your cuticles (this  also works well in the shower when your cuticles are nice and soft).
  3.  Using cuticle clippers gently trim cuticle dead skin.
  4. Buff to a high shine finish.
  5. Massage in cuticle oil to your cuticles and a rich hand cream all over to finish.

For someone who has nail damage from Shellac or SNS, how can they get their nails back in good condition?

Nails in terrible shape from too many Shellac or SNS appointments? We’ve all been there. Jocelyn recommends having regular manicures without Shellac, SNS or even nail lacquer applied. “Stop wearing polish and allow the nail plates to breathe and naturally repair,” suggests Jocelyn. She also recommends applying the CND Rescu RXx nail treatment every night before bed for an overnight treatment to repair damage.

What do you think will be the next big trend in nail care?

“Natural lady-like manicures that are elegant and sophisticated,” says loves: CND Rescu RXx ($35,, L’OCCITANE Shea Nail & Cuticle Nourishing Oil, Mavala Nail Buffer/Shine Kit, Manicare Nail Shapers

Words by Sophie Howe for Beauty Heaven