Famed for her bespoke facials, Jocelyn Petroni is undoubtedly one of Australia’s most famous facialists. Her holistic approach to inner and outer beauty is incredibly nurturing, giving her clients the most indulgent, relaxing and luxurious experience.

Jocelyn is a creative force and an inspiration in the beauty world…


How does your belief as a Tibetan Buddhist come through in your work, with clients and in a running a business?

My beliefs determine my approach and philosophy, so I hope that is reflected in all that I do. I’ve been practicing Tibetan Buddhism for eight years and I meditate every morning at my shrine. I actually meditate during facial treatments and I encourage my therapists and clients to do the same! My therapists are qualified Reiki practitioners and this beautiful energy comes through all the treatments we practice in the salon.


Having had your own salon for nearly 12 years, you’ve surely seen beauty ‘evolve’ via your clients – what do you think the biggest change has been (if any)?

My clients have information at their fingertips and expect my business to be leading the charge when it comes to innovation. Increasingly my clients are looking for a bespoke experience, individual to their needs and preferences. Every experience is completely tailor-made. Beauty has evolved from simply being about ‘beauty’ to a more holistic approach, with total mind and body wellness, plus an emotional connection. Customers are also increasingly expecting real value with every experience, so we aim to deliver above and beyond expectations.


And in the last 12 years, how do you think you have evolved as a business owner?

As my business has grown so organically over the years, I’ve had to adapt to combining the meticulous day-to-day running of the salon with more of a strategic overall business approach. Having built a successful reputation over the years, we are now looking to expand through external even partnerships and special guest appearances at other like-minded wellness centres. For example, I’ll be taking my skilled team to a one-off event in September at One&Only Wolgan Valley, where we will (for the first time) be offering the luxury Jocelyn Petroni experience outside of Sydney. All the details are on my website and I’m really excited to be growing in this way.


As a daily meditator, do you think that a meditation practice can have an impact on your skin?

Absolutely! Our skin condition is in part a reflection of our inner wellbeing. By meditating daily, it sets the tone for your attitude and approach for the day and lowers your stress levels. The knock-on effect is lower cortisol levels, which means a glowing complexion – you rest better, eat better and generally have a more positive outlook on life.


What does Inner Beauty mean to you?

Inner beauty is about being kind to yourself and to others, which shines on the outside. I believe inner beauty is the most attractive quality we can have and I hope that with age as I gain lines on my face, it is my skin health and inner beauty that shines through my age.


What do you do to get your daily GLOW on?

It starts with meditations to set my mind on course, followed by exercise – either a run or gym session. Breakfast is usually a banana smoothie with protein and maca powder, chia seeds, coconut water, Udo’s oil and raw cacao powder – otherwise I have avocado and tomato on rye toast or sheep’s yoghurt with muesli, LSA, nuts and seeds, Udo’s oil and lots of fresh raspberries and blueberries.

A restful night’s sleep is also essential for a glowing complexion – there’s no truer saying about getting your beauty sleep, as this is the optimum time for skin to regenerate, heal and repair. My secret skincare products that I apply daily for glowing skin are Ultraceuticals Ultra A Skin Perfecting Serum (for night) and Shemana Ritual Face Serum (for morning).


Sometimes I got to sleep…

every night I go to sleep in a state of meditation, unless I’ve had too many red wines.


I’m one of those people who…

can’t leave home without it being spotless.

I love days when my only problem is…

choosing what nail polish colour to wear.


Words by Beauty Chef as published on the Beauty Chef here.