She’s a renowned facialist and nail expert, and one of Australia’s leading beauty authorities. So much so that her reputation precedes her. While browsing the beauty directory compiled and curated by our friends at Gritty Pretty, we came across Sydney-based Jocelyn Petroni who, surprisingly, came highly recommended in both the “Skin” and “Nail” categories. Have you ever known of a one-woman skin and nail savant beloved by beauty editors and famous faces? We haven’t.

By now we all well know that good, glowing skin doesn’t just come delivered to us in bottles of serums and tubs of creams; but rather, an all-rounded regime of sufficient sleep, a healthy diet, exercise and a calm, happy state of mind. Given our holistic outlook and approach to all things beauty and lifestyle, we were happy to learn that Jocelyn also incorporates reiki and meditation into her treatments which, she believes, nurtures both “inner and outer beauty”. So though she can’t ensure good sleep, diet and exercise during her treatments at her beautiful Woollahra salon, Jocelyn does strive to assist her clients with their wellness levels. And that gets two thumbs up.

On that note, Jocelyn also happens to be Chanel Australia’s official nail expert. That means that if you’ve flipped the pages of an editorial photoshoot featuring a model’s hands front and centre, or watched a YouTube video where fingers are doing the talking, you’ve seen Jocelyn’s fine work. Her manicure and pedicure services include one-on-one consultations to determine the best treatment for each of her clients — including Miranda Kerr — and polishes last up to two weeks once nails come out revived and restored.

What does that mean for you? If you’re heading down under, make an appointment (face and nails!) at Jocelyn Petroni now because there could be, and probably will be, a wait. And in a saturated industry like beauty, waiting is a good thing.



How did you decide on only using Bioderma, Ultraceuticals, Shemana and Priori products for your facial treatments?

I take a holistic approach to my business and believe in working with brands that support my philosophy and deliver results for my clients. Selecting which brands to work with is a considered process that has a lasting impact. I like to combine results-based cosmeceuticals with holistic botanicals to treat all skin concerns and preferences. I am always trialing new products and technology, and keeping open to changes and improvements on what I work with in the salon.

Tell us about incorporating reiki and a heart chakra massage into the treatments.

I’ve been practicing Tibetan Buddhism for 12 years and my therapists and I are qualified reiki practitioners. This beautiful energy comes through all the treatments we practice in the salon. Every facial includes our signature heart chakra massage, which is a technique that opens the heart chakra while allowing the body to release tension. Therapists simultaneously massage the front and back of the body in perfect harmony. I believe this is an essential part of delivering a complete wellness experience for my clients.



What are some at-home skincare practices we can easily adopt?

A treatment gives you an escape from the every day — even if you are doing it at home — so your state of mind is essential. Our skin condition is, in part, a reflection of our inner wellbeing. By meditating daily, it sets the tone for your attitude and approach for the day and lowers your stress levels. The knock-on effect is a glowing complexion — you rest better, eat better and generally have a more positive outlook on life.

Using a mask at home is an easy one and should be done weekly to keep your skin conditioned. A facial definitely delivers a thorough exfoliation. Continued upkeep can be at home by ridding the skin of debris build-up twice a week.

What is your skin type and your daily beauty routine?

My skin is dry, with dehydration, sun damage and pigmentation. I use products daily that I feel are necessary for maintaining optimum skin health and natural beauty. I love a powerful serum that delivers real results and am fanatical with keeping my skin clean and polished. I also love a natural beauty look and having a great skincare routine is essential for achieving this. I use a tinted moisturiser every day.

Some of my go-to products include:

– Bioderma Sensibio H20 Makeup Remover: The most efficient makeup solvent from France. It’s a unique oil-in-water micellar formula that dissolves all eye makeup with ease.
– Ultra MD A2 Anti-Ageing Serum: My magic serum for smooth texture, radiance and glow that I apply every night. I recommend this prescription-strength vitamin A treatment to most of my clients.
– Ultra UV Protective Daily Tinted Moisturiser SPF 30: A perfect everyday sunscreen with a hint of colour.

What are some of your other favourite beauty products?

For hands, I like Mavala Repairing Night Cream. I love the texture and old-school scent of this indulgent treatment. I use it overnight with a pair of cotton gloves to get maximum benefits!

I love the Chanel polishes as they are always on trend with fashion and offer rich colour pigments.

I also religiously use a couple of drops of Shemana Ritual Face Serum in my moisturiser every morning. It nourishes my skin while adding a slight glow.



You were appointed Chanel Australia’s official nail expert in 2015. What does this ambassadorship entail?

I am so honoured to be one of the three global Chanel manicurists and my salon is the only official Chanel Polish Salon in the world. I use Chanel’s incredible polishes in my manicures and work with the brand on their events and partnerships.

Tell us about what you mean by this: “A manicure should look like it has come from a photoshoot.”

A polished, perfect manicure makes any woman feel confident and completes her look. We strive to produce a “photoshoot” finish every time with meticulous nail preparation and finish; and using modern, on-trend techniques and shades. Our manicures go the extra mile, up to two weeks.

How healthful are long-lasting nail treatments like gel and shellac?

Sometimes long-lasting nail treatment options can include harmful, toxic ingredients that, with prolonged use, have the potential for immediate and long-term damage to the nail. There is definite appeal in having a gel manicure that lasts for two to three weeks. I’d suggest occasional gel manicures if you must but try and minimise frequent exposure overall. To have gel nails applied on repeat will be extremely damaging to your nail health long-term and does not give you an opportunity to assess the damage and for the correct treatment steps to be put in place post-gel.

While some are lucky enough to have strong nails that can bear gel manicures more frequently, it is important to still let your nails breathe between gel manicures and assess their health to take remedial action early if needed.

Tell us three beauty tips that have been incredibly valuable to you.

These three daily practices are invaluable: drink two litres of water, apply an SPF 50 and exfoliate regularly (the key to healthy, glowing skin).

What does conscious beauty mean to you, and how do you lead a conscious life?

Conscious beauty for me is a 360-degree approach, looking at both your external and internal beauty. One can’t exist without the other. It’s also about considering your personal footprint on the environment and making ethical and mindful choices.


Images by Jocelyn Petroni
Words by Après Avant