In awe of the amount of beauty products that needed to be analysed, styled and photogrpahed when starting out in magazines, Sigourney Cantelo knew which direction her journalistic career was going to take. From beauty write to Vogue’s beauty and health director to the editor and founder of Beauticate, Sigourney has literally travelled the world reporting on the best products and learning from industry experts.

So when Sigourney starts talking about the products we should be investing in during our harsh summers, and where in the Eastern Suburbs we should be indulging in for beauty treatments, we are scribbling it all down so that you too are in the know.
With Summer upon us, what tips can you give us on protecting our skin this season?
It’s hard to find the perfect sunscreen – and I’ve tried (see my great sunscreen search). For the face I’m a fan of physical sunscreens (zinc dioxide and titanium dioxide that actually form a barrier on the skin) but you do have to be vigilant and reapply as soon as they smudge or sweat off. The best option is a mineral makeup or tinted moisturiser like Synergie Mineral Whip or Invisible Zinc. When I’m at the beach or exercising I’ll use a chemical sunscreen as they are generally lighter weight and more water resistant – Ultraceuticals Alpha H and Dermalogica do great SPF 50.
Tell us your top beauty hotspots in the Eastern Suburbs for someone wanting to splurge a little?
The most splurge-worthy facials can be found at Melanie Grant and Jocelyn Petroni  (her hands are heaven – she actually meditates while she does your facial massage).
I’ve recently started a cosmetic section on the site, so I’ve been interviewing great doctors about the little tweaks we can make to turn back the clock. The best injectors are Dr Joseph Hkeik and Dr Anoop Rastogi – both are in Double Bay and know how to create a beautiful subtle look so no one has to know you’ve had anything done. Joseph’s new salon All Saints Skin Clinic is like something out of a dream – the chic monochromatic Blainey-North-designed space feels more like going to a friend’s private home than a doctor’s office.
What’s the best beauty hack you’ve ever been told and by who?
Rosie Huntington Whiteley taught me how to put on fake lashes properly (which is great when I’m off the lash extensions and need a bit of help!) The trick is to wait until the glue is tacky – not too wet and to look down into a mirror when you’re placing them, it opens up the lid area and allows you to see the lashline where you want to position them. 
What’s the one product you can never live without?
BB Cream with SPF for day to day – I love IT Cosmetics and Dr Jart both from Sephora. They have good sun protection and great coverage with a hint of luminosity – but both feel like you’re wearing nothing at all. Great when you’re not going to be in the sun all day and you just want skin that gleams.
Tell us your top five hotspots in the Eastern Suburbs for general beauty upkeep and maintenance?
  • For a quick, clean and super well executed mani I head to The Nail Lab in Darlinghurst.
  • I get my hair cut and coloured at Edwards and Co with the lovely Joel.
  • For quick blowdries I’ll often duck in to Barney Martin BM2, which is literally around the corner from my office – as is Vaia Beauty.
  • Vaia Beauty does a great facial but she’s also a herbalist, does spray tans and has a wonderful detox Infrared sauna.
  • I’m also very partial to lash extensions – they are the best beauty tip in summer! You can swim and skip the makeup but feel ‘done’ 24/7. I have been going to Love Those Lashes in Paddington for years – the girls are amazing there. 

How often should we be getting a facial/eyebrow wax?

The French would say facials every month, but to be honest I do a lot of skin maintenance at home with microdermabrasion and at home peels. Also, if your skincare is active enough you don’t need too many facials.

They say you should ideally have a brow wax every four to six weeks but again, it’s all dependant on how often you can escape to the salon – my brow go-to girls are Kristin Fisher and Amy Jean. Being a mum, I tend to maintain a lot of things at home myself when it’s too crazy to get out.